How to download mp3 on mIRC client

Setting mIRC options



  1. Connect – Fill the NicknameAlternativeName and Email
  2. IRC – Check Notices
  3. SoundRequest – Uncheck Send ‘!nick file’ as private message
  4. DCC – Set Auto-get file

Connecting mIRC

  • Undernet:



Channel(s): /join #mp3download

  • Phazenet:


Channel(s): /join #mp3albums


  • To search: type @find Arist – Title to channel

Example: @find Sepultura – Arise

  • To download: copy the !nick file on private message from servers and paste it to channels


<Olo_Burrows> Search Result 1 Match For Sepultura Arise Copy And Paste !Olo_Burrows FILENAME To The Channel To Request. (2/3) Free Slots, 0 Queued OmeNServE v2.52

<Olo_Burrows> !Olo_Burrows Sepultura – The Best Of Sepultura – 04 – Arise.mp36.0MB OmeNServE v2.52

Paste the bold text to channels


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